Cardiovascular Disease and Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)

Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascuar Disease Related Death Counts by Census Tract (2011-2012)

Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascuar Disease Related Death Counts by Census Tract (2011-2012)


Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Related Death Counts in Alachua County (2007-2012)


Age-Adjusted Major Cardiovascular Disease Death Rate Per 100,000 Population Compared to Benchmarks (2007-2012)

From 2011-2012, four census tracts reported 167 deaths related to heart disease, atherosclerosis, and stroke. These census tracts account for nearly 22 percent of all deaths resulting from these conditions. To prevent death from cardiovascular disease and stroke, our most cost effective community intervention would be to screen everyone annually for high blood pressure, and assure that those with high blood pressure have appropriate antihypertensive medication (offered free at Publix) and follow-up blood pressure readings.

The age-adjusted death rates of major cardiovascular disease, in Alachua, Florida, and the US comparatively are also shown here. Unfortunately, Alachua County is making little progress on preventing death from these common conditions. The best way to reduce cardiovascular disease related deaths is to diagnose and treat hypertension and abnormal lipid profiles. Antihypertensive medications are now available free at some local pharmacies and lipid lowering agents are available at low cost. The community could also address obesity by making fresh fruit and vegetables more readily available in food deserts in our community, and encouraging walking to school and retail stores.