About the Report Card

 Report Card Puzzle

The Indicators

The indicators shown in this Community Action Resource tool were selected through strategic planning efforts conducted by United Way and by the Alachua County Health Department. Data sources are listed in the appendix found in the full report. Click this link to view the full report: Alachua County Report Card-Index Report


Rankings and Index

A subset of the indicators studied was collected to create an index of wellbeing of Alachua County for each census tract. This index allows us to rank census tracks by need. Since the Census Bureau designates these areas by number and not by name, each tract has been identified geographically by an intersection of well- known streets and a commonly known asset or landmark. This geographic naming was done in an effort to make census tracts easily identifiable by members of the community. Indicators with data available on both the county and state levels were used in the index for ranking census tracts. The Indicators chosen for the index are:


Health Financial Wellbeing Safety Education
  • Pre-term Births
  • Deaths from Cardiovascular disease
  • Deaths from Cancer


  • 18-65+ SNAP/cash assistance
  • Seniors Living in Poverty
  • Medicaid Births
  •  Domestic Violence Calls


  • · 25yo+ with less than High School diploma
  • · FCAT Reading Scores
  • · Unexcused Absences