How to Get Involved

How you can get involved with BESTYou:

  • Host the program in your home or another facility of your choosing
    • What is a host? A host is someone willing to recruit up to ten (10) guests to participate in the program with them! It’s also up to the host to pick the best day of the week, best time and best place for us to bring BESTYou to them. Since we bring the program to you, it’s up to the host and guests what day, time and place is most convenient for everyone! We’ll even come on the weekends and after work hours.
    • Interested in hosting BESTYou in your home or another facility of your choosing? Click here to see the Host Checklist.
    • Are you a clinic or agency that is interested in hosting BEST You at your facility for your clients and/or staff? Call 352 273 5792, text 352 354 2542 or fill out the “Contact Us” info at the bottom of the page. The program coordinator will get with you as soon as possible.
  • ┬áBecome a Community Advocate
    • If you have already finished all six sessions of BESTYou, we can train you to facilitate your own programs as a Community Advocate!
    • Haven’t gone through BESTYou but still want to be a Community Advocate? Click the sign up tab on the left to register for the next available program!
  • Partner with us
    • Call 352 273 5792 or fill out the “Contact Us” info at the bottom of the page! We’d love to partner with you!
  • Like our Facebook page for even more opportunities to get involved!